• urban search and rescue equipment

    Edilgrappa offers quality and precision equipment.
    We have cutters and combi tools that can be used for search and rescue operations. In particular, series MDC300 and MDC360 are multipurpose and allow you to cut and to split vehicles, metal pipes, ropes, cables and rods also of collapsed buildings or structural failures.

  • telescopic ram battery operated

    Rescue equipment requires autonomy and independence.
    Edilgrappa provides tools with integrated motorization, in three versions: high efficiency lithium-ion battery, electric 230V and petrol engine.
    Our tools include a LED lighting system and 180° rotating head to ensure maximum safety to the operator.

  • handheld concrete crushers

    Edilgrappa products for urban search and rescue comply EN13204:2004 standards: we want to ensure maximum safety to the insiders.
    The size and weight of our tools are limited: they are easy to pick up and to carry.

  • handheld electric cutters

    For further information and technical specifications visit www.edilgrappa.com


Hydraulic rescue systems

  • 1502566

    Cutter, battery operated

    Cutter with lithium and new slide-in battery, portable and with 360° rotating head. You can cut boxed structure up to 150 mm.

  • 1502594

    Combi Tools, battery operated

    Combi tool for cutting, separating and splitting with lithium battery, available in 18V and 36V. Specifically created and produced for airmobile units.

  • 1502596

    Cutters with petrol engine

    Cutters designed and created for rescue and search operations. Thanks to the 4-stroke petrol engine 1 hp, the cutter does not need cables and it can be filled up at any time.

  • 1502603

    Combi tools with petrol engine

    Ideal for rescue operation. The tool, with the 4-stroke petrol engine 1 hp, can be used in inaccessible and remote zones. Like all other tools, also this one is easily transportable to shoulder.

  • 1502590 - 1502591

    Cutters, 230V and 120V

    Cutters F150N T40 and F130N T30 available in two versions: 230V and 120V. The first one has a maximum cutting force of 40,2 ton, while the second one of 32,6 ton.

  • 1502592 - 1502593

    Combi tools, 230V and 120V

    Combi tools MDC360 T40 and MDC300 T30 in 230V and 120V versions. The first one has an opening blade of 360 mm and the second one of 300 mm.

  • 1502370

    Telescopic ram, 36V battery

    Thanks to the 36V battery, this telescopic ram is independent and easy to use. The first plunger ensures a maximum hydraulic power of 21,8 ton and an opening up to 160 mm, while the second provides a rapid opening up to 123 mm and a hydraulic power of 7,9 ton.

  • 1502237

    Concrete crusher

    The crusher 230DE T10 fragments concrete with high precision, speed and with thickness up to 20 cm. It is handy and easy to use, also it eliminates any noise, vibration and dust.

  • 1502547

    Cutter MU16, battery operated

    Cutter with triangular overlapping blades, ideal to cut grates, bolts and chains in total security and rapidly. Essential for cutting steel rods up to 16 mm during the crushing and separation of concrete blocks.